The Ultimate Outback Queensland Road Trip, with Kids

Let me start by putting everything in context, I don’t camp.

I was brought up in a camping family, my parents are now “grey nomads”, they spend 8 months of the year travelling around Australia in their 4WD with modified suspension and caging to carry additional fuel, towing a caravan… that has a toilet.

When I was a child we’d travel through Outback Australia at least once a year, they’d take me out of school (a topic to discuss at another time :)).  We were at Ayers Rock (it wasn’t Uluru back then) in the same year that Azaria Chamberlain was … ummm, I’m still not sure, but we certainly debated it around the kitchen table every night for the next 5 years.

At 18 years old I left home and have never been camping since.  I’m the black sheep of the family.  My brother made his own camper trailer and took his kids out of school for 12 months to show them Australia.  Me, I traveled overseas… requiring a minimum of 4 star accommodation (of course), I figured I’d travel Australia once the kids had grown up and I’d retired.  Mum and Dad had shown me all the photos of dirt I needed to see to last until I was 70!

Here’s my family, country v city lovers… a very clear line!

Recently Families Magazine asked me to go on a road trip through Outback Queensland with my twin 5 year old boys, to see what it was like for families.

My family laughed.  Hard.

My husband couldn’t come with me as he had to work, so I invited a school Mum friend and her 5 year old daughter. My family worried.  They felt I wasn’t up to the task. I still can’t believe what I would have missed, what my kids would have missed.  I have a 3 second pop up tent and I’m going to use it damn it!

Oh, and I’m going to “The Big Red Bash” with my brother in July, I’m no longer the black sheep of the family :).

So here’s a little preview of the ULTIMATE two week road trip for families, the road trip that changed my world.

Family Friendly Road Trip through Outback Queensland

Take a look at the map below, we’re about to share a series of “real” articles and videos showing you all the family friendly adventures from the places on the map.

So please stay tuned and join us on our two week adventure in my SUV (not a 4WD), as we dig for dinosaur bones, go on farm tours, swim in hot springs, go on a stage coach ride, a sunset cruise and heaps more!

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Best.  Family Holiday.  Ever!