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The first two instalments of Outback Pubs for your bucket list received such a great response, that we’ve gone for round three featuring a few fan favourites.

The list of watering holes worthy of your time and taste buds gets longer every day, so what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a designated driver and road trip into the sunset to check out these top Outback pubs!


Hotel Charleville
  • Population of town: 3,278
  • Kms from Brisbane: 683
  • Famous for: Monthly theme nights


Standing tall on a corner of the main street, Hotel Charleville is the oldest hotel in town. The hotel closed down after the floods in 2010 and sat empty for 4 years until renovations began in January 2014, with the pub re-opening in July 2014.  Still in the process of renovating upstairs, this hotel has all of the modern amenities such as pool table, juke box and darts, plus the classic charm of yesteryear.


Charleville is a popular outback destination with a plethora of things of see and do. Make one of them taking some time out for good grub and great times at Hotel Charleville.




Eulo Queen Hotel
  • Population of town: 108
  • Kms from Brisbane: 874
  • Famous for: Its Signature Dish – The Eulo Queen Special Sausages


Half a kilo of spicy beef sausage with farm grown vegies is a signature dish that even the original Queen of Eulo, Isobel Gray would salivate in her grave for. She was the original owner of the pub (and owner of half of Eulo until she lost a fortune trading with local opal miners).


Luckily for you, her namesake the Eulo Queen Hotel lives on to tell many a tale, serve up its signature dish, and feed and water the wanderers on the tourist trails of Outback Queensland.


Wherever you’re headed, chances are you’ll pass by the Eulo Queen Hotel’s front door, so stop in for a homestyle hearty meal. Eulo is a fantastic base for exploring the region, and a ton of fun when you time your visit to coincide with Eulo’s World Lizard Racing Championships.




Clancy’s Overflow Hotel in Isisford
  • Population of town: 282
  • Kms from Brisbane: 1,089
  • Famous for: Its Energy


Not only was this pub named “Power’s Club Hotel” when it was first opened by George Power in 1898, it was also the first pub in Outback Queensland to be fitted with electricity! While other outback pubs may have caught up on the electricity front, not all of them have the great energy of Clancy’s Overflow Hotel.


With its cool bar, its beer gardens, its cool beer and its bar gardens (we made the last one up!) there is no better pub to stop by for a feed and a cold one than Clancy’s.


Not only the pub, but Isisford itself, located on the banks of the Barcoo River, is rich in history. It’s also the inspiration behind Banjo Patterson’s famous Bush Christening and Clancy of the Overflow.




Yaraka Hotel
  • Population of town: 16 (soon to be 30)
  • Kms from Brisbane: 1,130
  • Famous for: Gerry and Chris – the Publicans with Whopping Big Dreams


If you’re wondering who Gerry and Chris are, they’re the owners of the The Yaraka Hotel, moving back to town in 2014 with big dreams to help the region survive, grow and prosper. Gerry, a.k.a Mrs Gimblett is a former school principal of the now closed Yaraka School, which means she probably wouldn’t mind us giving you quick lesson about Yaraka:


Yaraka is located 100kms from Isisford, with plenty of services for travellers and friendly locals. Nestled against the Yang Yang Range, between the Mesa Hills, with incredible views from Mt Slowcombe that many say rival Kakadu.


Yaraka Hotel offers great home cooked meals, cold beer and stunning sunsets from the front veranda, or check out Grimmo’s sunset tours to Mt Slocombe.



Muckadilla Hotel
  • Population of town: 11
  • Kms from Brisbane: 517
  • Famous for: Two Benches and a Hat Collection


In 1889, the first bore went in at “Mucka” and the town was transformed into a fancy health resort as it was thought the sulphur-rich artesian water could heal a range of ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and other horrible conditions.


Today the famous Muckadilla Baths are just a mound of dirt, and “the Pub at Mucka” is the new best place in town to find ‘restorative liquids’ such as a cold beer, perfect for curing your fatigue from a long day on the road, or your boredom if you’re in need of some great company.


The regulars to the Muckadilla Hotel are property owners from the area surrounding Muckadilla, Amby and Mitchell, each with their own unique character. “There’s Al, who just wants to talk to everyone,” Sue tells me “and Whippy, who wants to know what you’re up to… so if you want to come to the pub and remain incognito, this isn’t the place because they’ll want to know everything about you!”


There are two benches out the front – but choose carefully which one you sit on – as they’re appropriately designated, one for yarns “The Seat of Knowledge” and one for politics “The Bench of Bull****”.




To travel back in time and read the earlier instalments, click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.


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