Top 10 Outback Queensland Lookouts

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1. Isla Gorge Lookout at Isla Gorge National Park

Region: Banana Shire

Closest Towns: Theodore & Taroom

On the southern end of the Dawson Range, you can find wondrous sandstone scenery at Isla Gorge National Park. Lying between the Banana Shire towns of Theodore and Taroom, along the Leichhardt Highway, Isla Gorge lookout is an ideal spot to watch the sun set over the cliffs of the gorge. Spy honeyeaters among the wattle, Wedge-tailed eagles high in the sky and pull out your binoculars to see whiptail wallies and grey kangaroos in the valley below. To reach the lookout, turn off the Leichhardt Highway 55km north of Taroom or 35km south Theodore. The lookout is located just 1.3km west of the highway.


Isla Gorge | Top 10 Outback Queensland Lookouts


2. Cawnpore Lookout

RegionWinton Shire

Closest Towns: Winton & Boulia

No you haven’t just stepped off a space ship onto Mars, this is Cawnpore Lookout! The drive between Winton and Boulia has got be one of the most spectacular drives in Queensland. Cawnpore lookout provides you with a 360? panoramic view of the surrounding mesas or also known as jump ups which are formed by weathering and erosion, where the more resistant rocks are left higher than their surroundings. This lookout is definitely one to jump out of the car for, with only a short walk to the top, approximately 51kms west of Middleton.


cawnpore lookout


 3. The 3 Sisters at Carisbrooke Station

Region: Winton Shire

Closest Towns: Winton

Carisbrooke Station is located 85km south-west of Winton and offers a spectacular view of the red mesa covered land. Among the Williams Valley and Cory’s Range this station is ideal for nature enthusiasts, artists, photographers and selfie takers alike, with unspoilt views of the rich sandstone formations, including the Three (Outback) Sisters. You can enjoy the scenic drive through the range and access to the station with Red Dirt Tours on their Carisbrooke and Stampede Full Day Tour from Winton.


carisbrooke station

Photo Credit: Red Dirt Tours


4. Pyramid Lookout at Porcupine Gorge National Park

Region: Flinders Shire

Closest Towns: Hughenden

Porcupine Gorge National Park extends along Porcupine Creek for 25kms and covers an area of 5410ha approximately 60kms north of Hughenden. This impressive canyon, carved by the erosion of Porcupine Creek, reveals historic layers of sedimentary rocks. Its soaring sandstone cliffs and pockets of lush forest aren’t exactly what you would picture to be in the Outback! Find this selfie-worth lookout at the Pyramid Lookout through sparse open woodlands on a 400 metre return walk. Check out the 2.4km return Pyramid Track while you are there which leads you to the bottom of the gorge!


porcy 1

5. Captain Starlight’s Lookout

Region: Longreach Region

Closest Towns: Longreach

Legend has it that this lookout was used by Harry Redford, also known as Captain Starlight, who notoriously mustered 1000 stolen cattle from Queensland to South Australia. Since majority of the Outback is flat due to the Eromanga Inland Sea, it is only a short climb to the top of Starlight’s Lookout that provides a panoramic view for as far as the eye can see. While on the 40 minute trip from the town centre of Longreach be on the lookout for local wildlife including busted birds. This lookout is accessed by an unsealed road, making it a real Outback Queensland adventure but keep in mind wet weather provides unsuitable conditions to visit.



6. Deon’s Lookout

Region: Diamatina Shire

Closest Towns: Betoota

Located east of the famous ghost town, Betoota, Deon’s Lookout has one of the best views of Outback Queensland landscape. Have your camera ready when you arrive at this lookout for the spectacular long-range views and red rocky hills which contrast against the green of the snaking creeks. This lookout is a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy a picnic lunch along the Birdsville Development Road.



7. Scrammy’s Lookout – Bladensburg National Park

Region: Winton Shire

Closest Towns: Winton

This lookout in Bladensburg National Park, near Winton is named after Scrammy who worked on the neighbouring Vindex Station around 1900, who has a ‘hatter’ – meaning he could fit his family under one hat. Travel along Scrammy Drive, past the Octopus Tree and Scrammy Gorge and find out who Scrammy was and share his view from the flat-topped mesa. A 4WD is recommended for the 2 to 4  hour 40km return trip along Scrammy Drive and drive guide brochures can be picked up at the old homestead.



Photo credit: Sally Bird

8. Baldy Top Lookout

Region: Quilpie Shire

Closest Towns: Quilpie

Although Baldy Top is a seemingly small lookout, it provides breathtaking views of the Outback Queensland landscape that stretches as far as your imagination. The climb is not so breathtaking itself, only being a short 10 minute climb. Here you can explore the superb formation which has formed over millions of years and is the most elevated points in the south west of Queensland. You can find this lookout only 7.4km from Quilpie on the Toompine Road.


badly top

9. Mount Slowcombe Lookout

Region: Longreach Region

Closest Towns: Yaraka

Located close to Longreach region’s small town of Yaraka, you can capture plenty of Outback Queensland sunset photographic opportunities at Mount Slowcombe. One of the Outback’s best kept secrets, this panoramic view takes in the Yang Yang Ranges and grazing Outback lands, offering you unique and spectacular postcard scenery. Grab a lift with the Yaraka Hotel, on their sunset tour to the lookout with the only cost being a donation to the Yaraka School Fun or the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Keep in mind if you decide you make the adventure yourself, it is a steep drive and not recommended for caravans.


Mt Slocombe by Paul Beutel

Photo credit: Paul Beutel

10. Kroombit Tops Lookout

Region: Banana Shire

Closest Towns: Thangool & Biloela

Take on an off-road adventure, 40km from Biloela at Kroombit Tops National Park. One of the many diverse landscapes of the Sandstone Wonders region, Kroombit Tops allows you to get back to nature and to explore creeks, gorges, waterfalls and sandstone ridges. For those with a good eye, you may even be lucky to spot the endangered Kroombit tinkerfrog! Along the 100m lookout walk you can enjoy spectacular views overlooking Boyne Valley. Major access routes to this park are from Gladstone, Biloela, Monto and Ubobo with access by conventional vehicles only suitable in dry conditions.


Kroombit tops

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