Top 12 things to experience in Outback Queensland this Summer!

As we round the last bend of 2015 and the countdown starts to a brand new year, it’s the perfect time for another countdown – the top 12 things to experience in Outback Queensland this summer to help you kick off the best year of your life.

Whatever is high on your list of resolutions for 2016: Go somewhere you’ve never been before, meet new friends, pause and watch the sunset, get fit, or have fun, you can do it all while living Australia’s story in Outback Queensland.

So here they are, the top 12 things to do in Outback Queensland this summer. Let the countdown begin:

Number 12. Do more of what you love! Whether it’s fishing, kayaking or just a quick dip to cool off, Outback Queensland is filled with picturesque waterways to spend your summer, many of them recently refreshed and filled to the brim by the much needed rain! Waahoooo! Lake Freddy Tritton in Richmond has something for everyone, with sandy beaches, playground, a water park, walking track, BBQ facilities plus over 18 species of fish including red claw yabbies and barramundi to keep even the keenest fisherman busy. Don’t let 2016 get away! Get out there and enjoy it.


Lake Fred Tritton, Richmond


Number 11. Spend more time with your kids! Got some annual leave up your sleeve? Tell the boss you want a break, pack the car, pack the kids and pack a youthful sense of adventure as you go out and explore the wonderland that is Outback Queensland. Check out the Bilby experience where you can see these cute endangered critters up close and learn why they love to call the outback home


Number 10. Conquer a fear. Forget scary spiders or horrific heights, we’re talking about the fear of change. Of doing something different, stepping outside the norm, going west instead of east. Choose dirt roads and spectacular desertscapes, choose dinosaurs and museums and fossicking and foods you’ve never tried (camel pies), people you’ve never met, and places you’ve never stayed. Choose rocks you’ve never climbed and sunsets you’ve never laid eyes on. It’s all here waiting for you to say: “This year, we’re doing things differently. We’re choosing to live Australia’s story in Outback Queensland.”


Australian Age of Dinosaurs,


Number 9. Get active. It’s not all cocktails and canapes in Outback Queensland. But that’s the beauty of it. It might be dirty, and dusty, but it’s anything but dull. Throw on some comfy shoes and set off for a bushwalk, climb Big Red or Starlight’s lookout for the most incredible sunset you’ve ever seen or try stand up paddle boarding (SUP) on the Diamantina at Birdsville. If fitness and fun is your goal, get into it in Outback Queensland.


Number 8. Learn something new. Take your pick: Become an expert on dinosaurs, pioneers, the gold rush, or aviation. Learn about World War II secrets, Waltzing Matilda, or the history of the Australian labor party. Learn how to shear a sheep, crack a whip, and fossick for opals. Outback Queensland has an abundance of air conditioned museums and outdoor adventures that won’t only expand your knowledge but may also blow your mind.


Number 7. Travel to a new place. Challenge yourself to road trip off the beaten track. Head to Cameron’s Corner where three states meet or the magnificent Adel’s Grove and Lawn Hill Gorge in Boodjamulla National Park. Take in a rodeo, a race or a festival you’ve never been to! 2016 is the year for seeking out new experiences.

Lawn Hill Gorge by @garry_norris

Lawn Hill Gorge by @garry_norris

Number 6. Pamper yourself.
At the end of the day, a little bit of luxury and self-care is vital. Eulo’s artesian mud baths are the ultimate in “outback luxury”. Rub 20,000-year-old mud all over yourself and feel the benefits of silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc whilst soaking up the outback sun. Hydrate with a glass of wine, replenish with a cheese plate and walk away feeling 10 years younger.


Number 5. Disconnect. Disconnecting gives you a chance to reconnect- with yourself, with nature, and with your family and friends. Outback Queensland’s national parks are the perfect place to do just that. Bladensburg National Park is a highlight, with incredible views from Scrammy Gorge, Mitchell Grass downs, endless claypans and gidyea trees, or check out Diamantina National Park or Lark Quarry National Park which is the site of the world’s only known dinosaur stampede.


Number 4. Save Money! You don’t need mountains of moolah to see the best of the Outback. There are plenty of free things to do like fossicking for boulder opals in Quilpie, hunting down the Min Min Lights in Boulia or checking out the largest cattle sales centre in the Southern Hemisphere in Roma. Outback Queensland promises an experience like no other, without having to sell a kidney.


Outback Opals!

Number 3. Watch Less TV and more of Nature’s show.
Whether it’s sitting around a campfire at night, watching the changing scenery as you move from one part of Outback Queensland to the next, sunrise, sunset, or stargazing at the Cosmos Centre in Charleville, nature has an ever-changing, always-captivating show to rival any TV network programming.


Number 2. Pay it Forward and give more to those who need it. In the grip of drought, Outback Queensland needs you more than ever. Spend your summer holiday in Outback Queensland and you’ll be supporting this entire region, one which overflows with Australian history and natural beauty, and showcases the strength of the Aussie spirit. Take a tour with Outback Aussie Tours, have a beer at the local pub and get to know your mates in Outback Queensland.


Birdsville Hotel


Number 1. Live in the Moment! What are you waiting for – go and pack your bags, Outback Queensland is waiting for you!


Happy New Year! See you soon in Outback Queensland.

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