Turraburra (Gracevale Station)

Near Aramac and Barcaldine – 890km north-west from Brisbane

Take a cultural tour to connect with the histories and stories of country on the land of the Iningai people.

Set on almost 9,000 hectares, Turraburra features the Marra Wonga sandstone escarpment known as the ‘teaching wall of life’ that contains thousands of etchings, petroglyphs (rock carvings) and stencil paintings left by past generations. Learn about this land and its First Nations people through ancient artworks featuring megafauna, emu symbols and more.

Turraburra offers a range of guided tours, from their 2.5 to 3-hour experiences exploring the art, land and local bush tucker, to an in-depth five-day discovery to understand more about the site, its Indigenous plants and their use in traditional medicine.

Check out this video made by Australia.com for a glimpse of this stunning landscape and its captivating people and culture.

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