Outback Queensland Tourism Awards

The Outback Queensland Symposium and Tourism Awards are an annual event for the Outback Queensland tourism industry to come together and celebrate the year’s achievements.

The 2019 Outback Queensland Symposium and Tourism Awards will be held from
Thursday 31st October – Sunday 3rd November in Winton.

In 2019, Outback Queensland Tourism will have access to the Queensland Tourism Awards Portal. All applications for the OQTA awards will be online through the aforementioned portal.

Those applying for both State and Outback Queensland Awards will only need to complete ONE online submission per category.

*Please note that in order to be entered into the Queensland Awards you must nominate and select to enter both awards.

Nominations and submissions for the following categories will be via the Queensland Awards portal:

Outback Queensland operators are welcomed to apply for other State recognised categories however they will not be judged for the Outback Queensland Awards. Click here for a full list of the State categories.

Many 2019 Queensland Tourism Awards entrants are required to be certified or accredited in order to be eligible – this is not necessary for the Outback Queensland Awards. Click here for the Queensland Tourism Awards Rules of Entry.

*Please note there is no fee for applying in the Outback Queensland Tourism Awards.

Nominations close: 5:00pm, 31 May 2019

State Award Submissions close: 5:00pm, 19 August 2019

Outback Queensland Submissions close: 5:00pm, 29 August 2019
(Operators who have applied in the state awards can edit their submissions for the Outback Queensland Awards after the closure of the state submissions).

Exclusive Outback Queensland Awards categories will be available for nomination through an online nomination form shortly.

How to nominate:

  1. Head to the online awards portal

Please note that if you entered the Queensland Awards in 2018 using the online system, your login details will still remain the same, if you cannot remember hit ‘forgot password’ to reset. New entrants will be required to create an account and password to begin the nomination process. 

  1. Click ‘Nominate now’
  2. Select ‘Queensland’ as your State/Territory, select ‘Outback Queensland’ as your region
  3. Select number of employees in your organisation
  4. Indicate your accreditation (if any)
  5. Click ‘Next’
  6. Select category you wish to nominate in.

If you wish to nominate in more than 1 category, you will need to repeat the process.

The Queensland Tourism Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of the state’s tourism industry, including individuals, businesses (industry operators) and events.


The 2019 Queensland Tourism Awards will take place on the Sunshine Coast on Friday the 8th of November.