South West Region

Travel Times

Roma to Quilpie 5hr 10m

Charleville to Roma 2hr 50m

Roma to Brisbane (by air) 1hr 20m

Charleville to Longreach 5hr 30m


Average Temperature 28º C

Average Rainfall 440 mm

About South West Region

Something curious happens when you visit the outback. Australia’s story becomes your story. History comes to life, and the landscapes you’ve seen in postcards are more vibrant than you ever imagined.  When it comes to adventure holidays in Queensland, the South-West is sure to tantalise the senses.  This is the natural outback, with a kaleidoscope of colour as red sands give way to thriving wetlands.

Lake Bindegolly National Park will be a highlight of your visit to Channel Country. Ever changing as the sun rises and sets, the exquisite natural landscape of this remote park showcases nature at its best, from tiny desert-dwelling marsupials to rare trees and bush flowers.  Set up camp just outside the park boundary and walk into a world that time forgot.

When the sun’s gone down, watch the cosmos put on a show as a blanket of stars stretches all the way to the horizon. Visit Charleville to take a closer look at the outback sky through telescopes at the Charleville Cosmos Centre And Observatory.  There’s something truly amazing about understanding your place in the universe this way. It will change your story forever

The South West is also home to the great Eromanga Natural History Museum, a premier tourism attraction, and will keep you ever so interested in the prehistoric history and diversity of outback Australia. Learn about fossils from the mightiest dinosaurs Australia has ever seen!


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