South West Region

Travel Times

Roma to Quilpie 5hr 10m

Charleville to Roma 2hr 50m

Roma to Brisbane (by air) 1hr 20m

Charleville to Longreach 5hr 30m


Average Temperature 28ΒΊ C

Average Rainfall 440 mm

About South West Region

Looking for an adventure? You’ll find it in the south west. In fact it’s so adventurous, they named one of the drive routes which cut through this outback territory, ‘The Adventure Way’.

Expect big nature and a kaleidoscope of colour as red sands give way to thriving wetlands and national parks,

Animals come in all shapes and sizes, from the cute and small bilbies you’ll find in Charleville to Cooper, Australia’s largest dinosaur who called Eromanga home.

Adventure isn’t just reserved for daylight hours either, when the sun’s gone down, the galaxy puts on a nightly show.


What To Do

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Meanwhile in the #outbackqueensland South West Region

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