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Population: 120

Location: Diamantina Shire


Bedourie is the Oasis in the Desert and is located on a sand dune surrounded by Eyre Creek.

Covering 95,000 square kilometres, it is the second largest shire (The Diamantina) in Queensland and is twice the size of Denmark! Only 14 stations and 283 residents make up this brilliant area of the sunshine state! The desert and the channel country combined with the teeming flora and fauna, make up one of the world’s most fragile and unique desert ecosystems. But for a small community (that has doubled in size since 1990), the town has some truly excellent facilities and is known as the administration centre of the region. Bedourie is also home to the famous  ‘Bedourie Camp Oven’, which the Australian Government claimed significant and ‘uniquely Australian’ in 2001. In recognition of the iconic oven, a street in the ACT was actually named Bedourie Street in March the same year.



Did you know that the Bedourie Hotel/Motel  was built in the 1800’s from adobe brick! Make a visit  to this iconic pub for great counter meals and friendly dining service. 


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The Bedourie Visitor Information Centre located on Herbert Street.


Visitor Information Centre:

Bedourie Visitor Information Centre

Phone: 1300 794 257

Fax: (07) 47461272


Address: 13 Herbert Street, Bedourie QLD, 4829



For more information on Bedourie, check out the Diamantina Tourism Website:



Mud Hut

One of the first buildings built in Bedourie, the Mud Hut was erected in the early 1880s with mud collected from Eyre Creek. The only other buildings from that time still standing are the Royal Hotel, across the road, and the original Police Station, which now stands on…

Carcory Homestead Ruins

The Carcory Homestead was built in 1877 of local limestone by Hector and Norman Wilson. Listed by the National Trust, this attraction is an example of the rich history of the Diamantina Shire. It was abandoned by Sir Sydney Kidman after battling extreme drought in the early 1900s….

Diamantina National Park

Stretch your gaze across vast, treeless plains, over sand dunes and along river channels towards low ranges on the horizon. Camp in the shade of a coolabah tree, dreaming at night under endless starry skies of the Maiawali and Karuwali people and travellers along the mighty Diamantina River…

Cuttaburra Crossing

Cuttaburra Crossing is a permanent waterhole and a renowned wetland on the Eyre Creek. It is located between Lake Koolivoo and Lake Machattie. Cuttaburra Crossing is home to many species of birdlife. This prolific birdlife can be viewed at the roadside rest and viewing area. Come along and…

Bedourie Outback Golf Course

Bedourie Outback Golf Course is a picturesque desert nine hole course with many challenges to suit beginners to the advanced players. The Bedourie Outback Golf Course is situated alongside Lakes Larry and Sampson. As well as plenty of sand traps the course even has its own permanent water…

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