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Population: 5,758

Everyone says ‘G’day’ with a smile and a nod as you walk down the wide streets of Biloela. It’s friendly, warm and welcoming. Buildings wear the tell-tale signs of progress through the decades.

Just a village in the early 1920’s, the State Government set up a display farm close by, hoping the growing populous would develop the town. It did.

Today, Biloela is a busy commercial and tourist hub, though it still retains that relaxed, country feeling.

For those with a hankering for the great outdoors, a short journey leads to a multitude of adventures at Kroombit Tops National Park. With some roads accessible to conventional vehicles and others built for 4X4 excitement, there’s every reason to go exploring.  Towering ridges, deep gorges and panoramic vistas spill out across a wide horizon, resplendent against the ravages of time.

Sunny days were made for family camping, fishing and boating fun, whiling away the days on the banks of the Callide Dam. With all the amenities on hand, this is just the place to stay and play for as long as the fish are biting.

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Spirit of the Land Mural

The Spirit of the Land Mural is an extraordinary dedication to the history of the land. Coating the cylindrical exterior of one of the town’s water reservoirs, the large scale artwork seamlessly pieces together the stories of the surrounding country, from its pre-historic beginnings to early 20th Century

Queensland Heritage Park

The Queensland Heritage Park complex in Biloela, Central Queensland, represents a celebration of the nation’s glorious past and the pioneering spirit of Australians. Through a remarkable range of exhibits, the Queensland Heritage Park provides an insight into the past for present and future generations. The restored vintage church

Greycliffe Homestead

Greycliffe Homestead was originally built in the 1870s and constructed of slabs cut with adze and a pitsaw, rafters were crafted from round bush timber and it featured a shingle roof. The homestead was owned by the Nott Family, who, whilst residing in the home along with their

Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery

The Banana Shire Art collection covers a variety of mediums including Pottery, Prints, Etchings, Oils, Watercolors and Fiber plus many more and is representative of a mixed genre by not only past and present local artists, but also national artists, such as Lionel and Norman Lindsay, John Shirlow,

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