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Population: 45

Eromanga is located approx 108km west of Quilpie and has the claim to fame of being the ‘furthest town from the sea’ in Australia.

Their latest exciting claim to fame is the significant paleontological discoveries of Australia’s largest dinosaurs on a property near Eromanga. Several dinosaurs have been unearthed and the area is being heralded by scientists as the most exciting and prolific dinosaur site in Australia. The bones and other exciting discoveries are displayed in the Eromanga Natural History Museum, a short 3 kilometre drive from Eromanga.

Visit the Eromanga Living History Centre which incorporates a Museum and Object Theatre and browse through hundreds of historic photos and stories of the surrounding area. View a self operated film in the Theatre Room. Some of the many topics covered are oil exploration, early pastoral pioneers, opal mining and information regarding the dinosaur discoveries. The Centre is unmanned, so collect the key from the Eromanga Royal Hotel which is an original building dating from 1885 and was once a Cobb & Co Staging Post. Adjoining the Museum is a Park with picnic tables; covered playground and a stunning Mining Memorial, inlaid with opal in memory to the Opalopolis days of Eromanga.


If you are spending a Saturday night in Eromanga than come along to the community BBQ held each week at the Royal Hotel. All are welcome.


Eromanga Knot-A-Saurus Park

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT AS PART OF THE QUILPIE SHIRE COUNCIL’S RESPONSE TO COVID-19 THE EROMANGA KNOT-A-SAURUS PARK IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The “Knot-A-Saurus Park’ is an amazing sculpture of a Sauropod and her two babies made out of 100 metre lengths of twisted aluminium is situated

Eromanga Living History Centre

The Eromanga Living History Centre is a free entry, self guided tour facility. The centre derives from the rich heritage that Eromanga once and still has to offer. Take a step back into the life of a 1900s Country Women’s Association (CWA) member, or gain an understanding of the

Eromanga Natural History Museum

The Eromanga Natural History Museum (ENHM) nestled in the Australian Outback is home to Australia’s largest dinosaur, a 95-98 million year old titanosaur called ‘Cooper’. He is one of a number of significant fossil discoveries in the heart of the South West Queensland Channel Country. Not only does

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