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Population: 48

The “Montville of the Outback”, Eulo is a small community with a large pride which is evident when you visit.

Famous not only for the infamous “Eulo Queen” and the hotel named after her but also for the abundant local produce and product as well as opal and craft which can all be purchased in the town. Enjoy a coffee at the new Eulo Store and ask the locals about the recent Megafauna discoveries – giant wombats, no less!

Whilst walking through this magnificent town, Take a photo with the life-size Diprotodon statue. Fossils of these giant Megafauna have been found in the Eulo area and will go on display in the Eromanga Natural History Museum.

Visit the Air Raid Shelter built at Eulo during WW2. Why is it here? Come and find out!

Visit the natural release valves of the Artesian Basin only 12km west of Eulo. Then make your way back into town for an “Artesian Mud Bath”. Time to relax body and mind, clean, tone and revitalize your skin with nature’s own unique formula. Bathe in milky grey artesian mud drawn fresh from ancient springs. Wine is sipped; nibbles are tasted, whilst braziers bring warmth in the cold winter nights.

After spending some time relaxing, fishing or Birdwatching on the Paroo River, the last remaining free flowing river in the northern part of the Murray – Darling Basin. Take advantage of the 4WD tracks before venturing to Currawinya National Park.


Mud Springs

The Mud Springs are located nine kilometres west of Eulo. The mud springs have evolved due to the underground pressure from the Great Artesian Basin, forcing mud through fissures in the ground. The mud springs are centuries old. Since the sinking of bores the pressure has lessened and

Eulo Five Mile Waterhole

The Five Mile Waterhole at Eulo is the perfect spot to throw a line in and catch Yellowbelly, Catfish and Yabbies. The area has good camping and you can bring your pets along too. Not interested in fishing – well don’t despair why not take a bit of

Eulo Town Hole

The Eulo Town Hole is a fantastic fishing area in South West Queensland. Head west from Eulo on the Adventure Way and cross the Paroo River Bridge. The Eulo Town Hole features nature walks and heritage trails and is a leisurely stroll from the township. The banks are

Artesian Mud Baths

At the Artesian Mud Baths, soak in warm artesian water impregnated with clay, then pat on a milky grey mud pack and let your skin soak in the goodness from this mineral rich mud. This whole experience takes about an hour and a half and might be the

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