About Jericho

Population: 100

On the banks of the Jordan

The tranquil and charming township of Jericho is situated on the banks of the Jordan River, south of Lake Galilee.  It was originally settled when the railway line reached the banks of the Jordan River in 1885.

An interesting stopping off point is the Crystal Trumpeters in the main street.  The structure was created by local historians to tell the story of how Joshua won the battle of Jericho.


Once a month enjoy a double feature at the smallest operating drive-in theatre in Australia.

Spend a night or two camping along the serene banks of the Jordan River at Redbank Park. Bring along your fishing rods and binoculars as it is a great place to fish and bird watch.

Jericho also has a number of interesting and colourful murals painted by local residents.  One of the most popular is the two goannas having a beer in Darwin Street.


Redbank Park, Jericho

Redbank Park is located on the banks of the Jordan River just east of Jericho. The park has become a popular tourist attraction and is enjoyed by all that visits the park. The park includes a barbecue area, amenities block and also a playground area. Camping is permitted,