About Jundah

Population: 350

Location: Barcoo Shire


Jundah is at the centre of the Channel Country and its name comes from the Aboriginal word for women. Gazetted as a town in 1880, for 20 years the area was important for opal mining, but lack of water caused the mines to close.


Jundah, situated on the banks of the Thomson River, is the administration centre for the Barcoo Shire. Within walking distance the Thomson River provides a scenic fishing and recreational area with panoramic river views and drives. The tranquil lifestyle offers visitors a place to relax and experience true Outback hospitality.


Jundah's historic Police Station.

Jundah’s historic Police Station.

Things To Do

  • Welford National Park – 45km southsouth east of Jundah. A national park since 1992, Welford covers 124,000 hectares of nature’s diverse landscapes.
  • Thomson River – Discover and explore the Thomson at your leisure. There are a variety of recreational activities available including fishing, yabbying, kayaking, birdwatching or just simply relaxing.
  • The Native Well – Located 32km north of Jundah, the Native Well was a valuable water source for Indigenous people.
  • Historical Museum – A window into the early pioneering times of the district.
  • Site of Magee’s Shanty – 90km east of Jundah, this is believed to be the site of the shanty immortalised in Banjo Paterson’s poem “A Bush Christening”, not far from the ruins of the Cobb & Co. Pub and the lonely grave of goldminer Richard Magoffin who perished in 1885.
  • Barcoo Shire Memorial Park – A green oasis if you’re wishing to take a break.
  • Settler’s Nature Drive – Takes you on a flora tour from Jundah along the Thomson River and back to Jundah with the different species of plants signposted.
  • Archer Bros Pioneer Pathway – Take a leisurely walk around the outskirts of town along the path, stopping to read the relevant information on the welcome signs at the entrances to town.
  • Information Centre and Library – Wander into the spacious information centre and public library or catch up with friends and family back home via free internet access. Browse the many brochures on display and ask about the local history. Open Mon–Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm and Sat 11:00am – 1:00pm. Ph: 07 4658 6930 or email jundahinfo@barcoo.qld.gov.au or tourism@barcoo.qld.gov.au.


Want to make Jundah a part of your story? Explore the area on the River Junction Drive, check out the Central West Outback Adventure Drive or head through the Diamantina National Park on the Channel Country Explorer Drive. Try the Far West Adventure Drive to experience Queensland’s distant heart, or take the Back Roads to Winton for something a little different. Be inspired and mesmerised by natural wonders on the Stars, Parks & Legends Drive.


Welford National Park

In Welford National Park, wind-blown sand dunes form a dramatic contrast to white-barked ghost gums, golden-green spinifex and delicate wildflowers. The Barcoo River, with its large, permanent waterholes, dissects Mitchell grass plains and arid mulga woodlands. Discover the ancient connections the local Aboriginal people have with this land,

Thomson River

The Thomson River meanders through the Barcoo Shire before reaching the junction of the Barcoo River, feeding into Cooper’s Creek in outback Queensland, and is a major part in contributing to the channel country. The Thomson passes the outskirts of the township of Jundah, 218 kilometres south east

What To Do

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