About Kynuna

Population: 10

The Blue Heeler Hotel truly sits at the heart of Australian folklore. It was here that Banjo Paterson, a Sydney Lawyer, brokered a truce with the shearers who had burnt the Dagworth woolshed and 143 jumbucks. The battle of Dagworth was to be the last armed conflict between Australians. It was here that they decided that rather than shoot each other in civil war, they would have a drink together. They sang a song they all understood and they went back to work. Both ‘swagman’ and ‘squatter’ sank their last drinks at the bar. Stranger, go in peace from here as a friend – ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

Combo Waterhole is 16km east of Kynuna. 2.5 km walking round trip to the waterhole. A BBQ is available ‘under the shade of a Coolibah tree’. Camping is strictly prohibited.


The Kynuna to Julia Creek Road is fully sealed.