About McKinlay

Population: 10-20

John McKinlay left Adelaide in 1861 in search of Burke and Wills. He found the grave of a European, supposed to be Charles Gray, near Cooper Creek. Soon afterwards, McKinlay learned that the remains of Burke and Wills had also been found. McKinlay headed for the Gulf of Carpentaria hoping to find HMAS Victoria which had been sent to meet Burke’s party. By 20 May 1862, the shore of the Gulf was thought to be only 8 km away but the intervening country was very difficult and it was decided to turn east and make for Port Denison. The party returned by sea to Adelaide. McKinlay received a grant of £1000 from the government and a gold watch from the Royal Geographical Society of England.

More than 100 years later, Mick Dundee helped to put McKinlay on the map with the filming of Crocodile Dundee taking place in and around town.

Today, you will recognise countless original film relics such as Mick’s Truck and the original bar set on proud display at the Walkabout Creek Hotel. Whilst in town, you will also notice Queensland’s smallest library and museum situated in Middleton Street or the Crafty Old School House’s Coolibah Tree handcrafted from vintage metal objects collected from local stations.