About Noccundra

Population: 3

Welcome to what remains of the historic township of Noccundra, located 140km south-west of Thargomindah, 240km north of Cameron Corner and 271km east of Innamincka. During the time of early exploration and settlement, the Wilson River Aboriginal Tribe, known as the Nockaburrawarry, lived in the area.

The town started with and will end with the Heritage Listed Hotel. The Hotel was built in 1882 with sandstone mined at Mt Poole, near Milparinka NSW and brought to Noccundra by Camel Train.  Some of the interesting characteristics of the building include the gidgee timber used in the veranda which was too hard to put nails into, so the roof is wired together.

To the west of the hotel are the remnants of the Noccundra General Store c1890-1970’s. It is unsure what fate befell this sandstone building, but at one point the building housed the pub, and the hotel building was used for accommodation and meals.

Set between the store remains and the hotel is a memorial plaque to the ill-fated Andrew Hume Expedition, which passed the Noccundra Waterhole late 1874.

The Noccundra Waterhole is part of the Wilson River which sees an abundance of wildlife, particularly birds, including the grey grass wren. Other bird life you can spot are pelicans, brolgas, egrets, heron and the painted honeyeater.  The river itself boasts a population of yellowbelly, catfish and silver perch along with blue claw yabbies and a large population of turtles.


Wilson River

The Wilson River Fishing Hole is situated within one kilometre of the historic Noccundra Hotel. All facilities are available at the hotel, however, you can camp along the river – for a simple gold coin donation to the Royal Flying Doctors Service at the Noccundra Hotel. Noccundra and