About Opalton

Population: 25

Location: Winton Region


Opalton is situated 123km from Winton. It is one of the largest opal fields in Queensland is known for the quality of opal mined.

Opal was first discovered here by George Cragg in 1888 and the first mine was worked in 1894. By the end of the decade there was a bustling township of 600 and Opalton became known for the enormous quantity and quality of its opal.

Notably, in 1899 the largest piece of opal ever recorded was mined from here, a pipe opal more than three metres long. Now home to a much smaller community, visitors are able to camp at the Opalton Bush Park and try their luck in the public fossicking area.

Try your luck finding Opalton's namesake gem.

Try your luck finding Opalton’s namesake gem.

Things To Do

  • Opal Fossicking
  • Camping