About Quilpie

Population: 654

A stay in Quilpie can be as busy or as relaxing as you choose. Picnic, catch a yellow belly or some yabbies in the river, or swim a few lazy laps of the pool. Sit back and enjoy the unique flora and fauna throughout the surrounding countryside.


Make your first stop in Quilpie the Visitor Information Centre, Museum and Gallery. The friendly local staff are knowledgeable and eager to help you enjoy your visit to the Shire. Explore the Shire Museum, Military History Museum, Rail Museum and Regional Gallery all attached to the centre. Enjoy access to free Wi-Fi and even make your National Park bookings here!

An outback adventure would not be complete without enjoying a sunset from Baldy Top Lookout. A 10 minute walk to the top and you will be rewarded with complete panoramic views sure to take your breath away.

Home to “The Jewel of the Outback”, the beautiful boulder opal, Quilpie displays it in the most unique of ways. See the opal in all its glory at St. Finbarr’s Church with the spectacular Opal Altar, Font & Lectern or try your luck at the free opal fossicking area 2km west of town.

Don’t miss the literal ‘End of the Line’, Bulloo River Walk, the old Powerhouse Museum and the Mini Museum at the airport. There is something for the whole family to enjoy in Quilpie!


Quilpie Shire Gallery, Arts and Cultural Community

The Quilpie Shire Gallery at the Visitor Information Centre has a new exhibition every six weeks and showcases local talent as well as artists from over the country. All exhibitions have an official opening and everybody is welcome to attend, drink and nibbles are provided. In the Courtyard

Quilpie Shire Military History Museum

Located next door to the Visitor Information Centre is the Quilpie Shire Military History Museum. This display features photographs, memorabilia and literature depicting Quilpie’s Military History, all of which has been kindly loaned or donated by families of local War heroes. The Museum has tables and chairs for

Quilpie Shire Railway Museum

The Quilpie Shire has a long railway history with Quilpie being at the end of the Western railway line. The line was destined for the township of Adavale but this did not eventuate but instead it was redirected to the settlement now know as Quilpie. Construction on the

Quilpie’s ‘End of the Line’

Quilpie is the ‘End of the Railway Line’ or the beginning …… depending on how you want to look at things. The Western Railway line reached Quilpie in 1917. At the “end of the Line’ you will read about the construction of the railway and see great historical

St Finbarrs Church

Home to one of Quilpie Shire’s most iconic attractions, St Finbarr’s Church rests on the foundations of an intriguing history. In 1976, the Priest at the time, Father John Ryan, decided to compliment the opal mining background of the area by commissioning local miner, Des Burton, to install

Quilpie Airport Mini Museum and Wool Scour

In 1930 famous Amy Johnson landed in Quilpie on her journey from England to Australia. The story goes that she was supposed to go to Charleville and she was following the railway line. Her map was outdated and it it had the railway line ending in Charleville ….

Quilpie Memorial Swimming Pool

Beat the heat and relax at the Quilpie Swimming Pool Complex. There is a children’s wading pool and kiosk available for your convenience. Entry is free year round. The Quilpie Swimming Pool is owned and operated by Quilpie Shire Council as a community service for locals and visitors

Quilpie Opal Fossicking

Allow the Quilpie Shire to introduce you to a radiant beauty – the exquisite boulder opal. Try your luck at finding your own piece of opal, the Quilpie Shire Council fossicking area, two kilometres west of Quilpie, provides a real opportunity for all ages to have a go

Quilpie Powerhouse Museum

Step inside the original Powerhouse and learn its history. The Quilpie Powerhouse was turned on in Quilpie March 1952. Quilpie was the first town in Western Queensland to have a powerhouse. Whilst Quilpie had power the surrounding properties were still using generators. The powerhouse closed in December 1987

Baldy Top Lookout

Located 7.4 kilometres from Quilpie on the Toompine Road rests a red rocky formation, aptly named Baldy Top Lookout. Part of the Grey Range, Baldy Top is one of the most elevated points in South West Queensland. Explore caves and crevices, untouched by civilisation whilst traversing this magnificent

Bob Young Memorial Park

Whilst in Quilpie visit the Bob Young Memorial Park which is situated in Brolga Street it is a tribute to those who served our country in the Armed Forces with a mural depicting various scenes in honor of those who served. While you are taking in these beautiful

Bulloo River Walk

A stroll along the Bulloo River Walk is a tranquil way to appreciate the native flora and fauna of the Bulloo River Catchment. Signs, bearing information about the plant species, are located along the walk. The Bulloo River is an ideal spot to relax under a shady tree

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