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Population: 648

Richmond is a small outback town which functions as a service centre to the surrounding pastoral community.

Once part of Australia’s vast Inland Sea, Richmond is best known for its marine fossil discoveries.  Kronosaurus Korner displays fossil finds from the cretaceous-era inland sea, which existed from about 97.5 to 120 million years ago. While at the museum, grab a permit and ask for a map to the free local fossil hunting sites; a chance to find your own fossil.


If stepping back in time is more your scene, take a stroll along the ‘Heritage Walk’ to see some of Richmond’s historic buildings, including the Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre.

Lake Fred Tritton is perfect for the whole family.  Located on the eastern entry to town it offers a little refuge from the sparse plains of the Overlander’s Way. The lake is fully stocked with barramundi and 17 other species of fish. Also used for canoeing, water skiing, sailing and swimming.  Pack a picnic or utilise the free bbq’s and enjoy a picturesque outback sunset.

We hope you stop and spend some time with us, you will unearth more than fossils!


Richmond Fossil Hunting Sites

Unlock your inner-palaeontologist and explore Australia’s ancient marine past at Richmond’s Free Fossil Hunting Sites. The ancient treasures of the Fossil Hunting Sites were deposited around 100 million years ago when Richmond was covered by a shallow inland sea. By turning a few stones over you may uncover

Jack Brown Lions Park

Located on the Flinders Highway, alongside Lakeview Caravan Park, Jack Brown Lions Park War Memorial depicts a stylisation of three rifles marking the graves of three soldiers who lost their lives at the Battle of the Somme, France during the Great War. The Memorial holds the Roll of

Kronosaurus Korner

Step back in time to when half of Australia was underwater and meet the carnivorous creatures that dominated life below the surface. The great inland sea, which covered the Richmond landscape 110 million years ago, has left behind an intriguing story of marine creatures from the Cretaceous period

Lake Fred Tritton

Lake Fred Tritton has a relaxed, yet energetic vibe and is bursting with activities to excite the whole family. It is perfect for swimming, skiing, canoeing and the fantastic playground’s and water park will keep the kids entertained for hours. Whether you are walking the dog, or taking

Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre

Step back in time and discover the story of Richmond and the surrounding area over the past 150 years. The much anticipated Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre was officially opened on 23rd May 2009. Built from local flagstone rock the Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre is a replica

Bush Tucker Garden

Wander through the Bush Tucker Garden and be educated on the regions native plants and their traditional purposes. Situated on the banks of Lake Fred Tritton, the garden offers a quiet retreat for bird watching. The garden’s waterfall represents the birthplace of Richmond’s water flowing from the basalt

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