About Windorah

Population: 80

Location: Barcoo Shire

Windorah is an Aboriginal word meaning “big fish” and there are still big yellowbelly cruising the depths of Cooper’s Creek near Windorah.

The term Channel Country refers to the intricate network of braided channels and waterholes that spread up to 80km across the landscape during flooding, producing what is said to be the best cattle fattening pasture in the world. For most of the time the water is confined to deep, permanent waterholes, perfect spots for camping, fishing and relaxation.

The Windorah International Yabby Races are a great chance to meet local characters.

The Windorah International Yabby Races are a great chance to meet local characters.

Things To Do

Whitula Gate Museum

  • Cooper’s Creek – Camp under majestic river red gums lining the waterhole, throw a line in and sit back and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the bush, or a yarn around the campfire.
  • International Yabby Races – Held on the Wednesday before the annual Birdsville Races is Windorah’s biggest night of the year. Nobody minds that it’s hard to back a winner, it’s all about the experience.
  •  Red Sandhills – Watch the sunset from the crest of a magnificent red sand dune while sipping a glass of your favourite wine, then take in the panorama of the starlit sky.
  • Whitula Gate Museum – Wander through the restored 1900’s slab hut which was built by the Rabbit Board as a boundary hut on Whitula Creek, west of town.
  • 12km Nature Drive – Wind through a diverse range of landscapes between Windorah and Cooper’s Creek, with 45 plants identified and signposted along the way.
  • The J.C. Ruins – Imagine what life was like in the township of Canterbury while you explore the ruins of the J.C. Hotel and cemetery, 80km west of Windorah.
  • Information Centre – Drop in for a Driver Reviver cuppa, browse the literature and displays, and pick up all the brochures and maps you’ll need for your travels. Keep in touch while you’re away with the email / internet service.
  • Solar Farm – On the edge of town five sun mirrored dishes 13.7m across provide daytime electricity to the town, a first for Queensland.
  • Windorah Caravan Park – A central gathering point for the travelling community.

Western Star Hotel in Windorah


Want to make Windorah a part of your story? Explore the area on the River Junction Drive, check out the Central West Outback Adventure Drive or head through the Diamantina National Park on the Channel Country Explorer Drive. Try the Far West Adventure Drive to experience Queensland’s distant heart, or stop in as you roadtrip the Warrego Way. Be inspired and mesmerised as you take the Stars, Parks & Legends Drive.

Where To Stay


Whitula Gate Museum

The Whitula Gate Museum is based around an original slab hut built by the Rabbit Board in 1906 as a boundary riders’ hut. The hut was moved to its present location in 1996 to be used as the centre point of the museum. The museum has been designed…

Windorah Sand Hills

The epic Sand Hills, located at Ourdel Station, west of Windorah, have great views and some of the reddest sand ever seen. Ourdel Station has been with the Kidd family since settlement. Their visitors and locals alike, regularly go to the sandhills, as it is a great place…

Native Wells

The Native Wells, located approximately 90 kilometres west of Windorah on the Diamantina Development Road, offer a quick stop by the side of the road and an opportunity to view the native wells, and read a little bit about them on the Information board available. Native Wells in…

Cooper’s Creek Windorah

Visitors and locals alike often take time out enjoying Cooper’s Creek, whether it’s a spot of fishing for Yellowbelly, swimming or boating. Cooper’s Creek is located 10 kilometres from the township of Windorah, which is indigenous for “place of big fish”. Free camping is available, just bring your…

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