About Wyandra

Population: 116

Perfectly located halfway between Cunnamulla and Charleville, Wyandra is a must-see town. If you have an interest in architecture, there’s some great old buildings to discover. It may be small, but as the locals will attest, it’s a great little town to explore.

Well you’re a long way from the ocean, but who says you can’t find a beach? Wyandra is about 100km north of Cunnamulla and boasts its very own beach. Popular with locals and visitors alike, ‘the beach’ on the Warrego River was named given its appealing sandy enclave. In days gone by, the whole community

would gather there to celebrate Christmas Day with picnics, swimming and playing in the sand.

Like so many outback towns, Wyandra came into being as a railway settlement. Built along the Western Railway Line, the town was a major water stop for the steam engines heading through to Charleville.

Your camera is a must as you stroll the Heritage Trail. You’ll see some interesting examples of outback architecture with some great old buildings from the boom period. The original powerhouse was designed as a one man 24-hour operation with the superintendent living next door. It’s now a museum on the trail and is definitely worth a look. Finish your walk with a cool drink at the Gladstone Hotel and a burger at the Post Office Café. Don’t miss the chance to watch a movie, under the stars, at the outdoor cinema.

Treat yourself to the natural health benefits of locally produced Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water. Life Energy Water is sourced and bottled in Wyandra. Even non-water drinkers will love the soft and sweet taste of this natural drop.  100% Australian from a Deep & Pure Ancient Source

The Powerhouse and two National engines were moved here from Cunnamulla in 1955. Prior to that time there was no electricity supply. The powerhouse was designed as a one man 24 hour operation with the superintendent living next door.


Wyandra Beach

Situated on the western bank of the Warrego River near the town of Wyandra the Wyandra Beach is a sandy enclave perfect for fishing, picnics and bushwalking. Common fish types include Yellowbelly, Murray Cod and Catfish. Perfect for the whole family Wyandra Beach has a lot to offer.

Powerhouse Museum Wyandra

The Powerhouse Museum Wyandra is part of the Wyandra Heritage Trail. In 1955 two National engines were moved from Cunnamulla. Prior to that there was no electricity. The powerhouse was designed as a one man 24 hour operation with the superintendent living next door. The powerhouse now displays