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Population: 20

Yaraka is truly the hidden gem of Outback Queensland with a fascinating history, breathtaking landscape and locals that will make you feel like you’ve found home all over again.

The history of Yaraka dates back to the early settlers and pioneers in 1860 though the town was officially founded in 1917 when the rail line opened from Emmet. The railway station was called Yaraka after the indigenous name for the white spear grass which grows in the district.

Yaraka also has a history of gem and gold mining, the Yaraka opal fields are available for fossicking tours and are famous for top pattern and various types of opal in as many as eight levels. The site of Magee’s Shanty is not far from Yaraka and is the historic site of the shanty immortalised in Banjo Paterson’s ‘Bush Christening’. Close by are the ruins of the Cobb and Co pub and the grave of the lonely gold miner Richard Magoffin who perished in 1885 chasing his fortune.

The township of Yaraka is a place where memories of the past are strong. The Yaraka Hotel is the town’s central meeting place, enjoy a cold beverage with the locals, and discover the views of Mount Slowcombe, the gem of Yaraka. With a tar sealed road winding its way to the top, enjoy the stunning outback sunset or the glorious colours of a sunrise.


Mt Slowcombe Lookout

Mount Slowcombe Lookout is located close to the small town of Yaraka. The panoramic view takes in the nearby Yang Yang ranges and plains and grazing lands of the surrounding country side. This is an ideal place to enjoy the stunning outback sunset or the glorious colours of

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