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Visitor Information Centres

Outback Queensland is proud to be working and supporting the following accredited Visitor Information Centres!




Barcaldine Tourist Information Centre | Barcaldine

The Barcaldine Visitor Information Centre is located on Oak Street and is operated by skilled knowledgeable locals from the Barcaldine Region. Feel free to discuss your travel plans, bookings, drive routes and itineraries with the welcoming staff.


Phone: (07) 4651 1724

Fax: (07) 4651 2234

Email: tourism@barc.qld.gov.au

Address: 149 Oak Street, Barcaldine QLD, 4725





Bedourie Outback Visitor Information Centre | Bedourie

Make the Bedourie Outback Visitor Information Centre your first point of call to discover all there is to know about the ‘oasis in the desert’. Providing everything from maps and brochures to itineraries and souvenirs, the friendly staff can provide advice on the things to see and do, road conditions and great local hospitality. While in town, you can access wireless internet services, take a dip in the artesian spa, visit the public library or watch a documentary about the shire at the onsite theatrette.


Phone: 1300 794 257

Fax: (07) 47461272

Email: info@diamantina.qld.gov.au

Address: 13 Herbert Street, Bedourie QLD, 4829

Website: http://www.thediamantina.com.au/




Biloela Visitor Information Centre | Biloela

The locals of Biloela invite you to explore the cultural roots and pioneering heritage of the Banana shire, while discovering the diversity of industries, rural landscapes and serenity of the Sandstone Wonders. You’ll find this friendly Visitor Information Centre on Callide Street.


Phone: (07) 4992 2405
Email: biloinfo@people.net.au
Address: Callide Street, Biloela QLD, 4715

Website: http://sandstonewonders.com/


Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre | Emerald

This accredited visitor information centre offers a one stop shop for travel information including maps, brochures, and itineraries. Staffed by friendly, skilled and knowledgeable locals, the Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre can provide advice on the things to see, things to do and where to eat. Discuss with the friendly staff your travel plans and drop in for a cup of coffee or a cool ice-cream! Don’t forget to check out the Big Easel monument close by!

Phone: (07) 4982 4142

Fax: (07)

Email: emerald@chdc.com.au

Address: 3 Clermont Street, Emerald QLD, 4720

Website: www.centralhighlands.com.au/travel




Charleville Visitor Information Centre | Charleville

The Charleville Visitor Information Centre offers a one stop shop for travel information including maps, brochures, and itineraries. The friendly staff of the Charleville Visitor Information Centre are always eager to assist you with your holiday plans, helping you to book or arrange experiences including the Cosmos Observatory, self-drive itineraries, historic tours and the Bilby Experience.


Phone: (07) 4654 3057

Fax: (07) 4654 7772

Email: enquiries@cosmoscentre.com

Address: Milky Way, Charleville QLD, 4470

Website: tourism@murweh.qld.gov.au



Cloncurry Unearthed Visitor Information Centre and Museum | Cloncurry

Cloncurry Unearthed Visitor Information Centre & Museum is situated on the grounds of the Mary Kathleen Memorial Park showcasing memorabilia on Cloncurry and the surrounding district. As well as providing tourist information, the centre holds fossickers licenses, maps, light refreshments, a wide rang of souvenirs, gift ideas, postcards and Cloncurry merchandise.


Phone: (07) 4742 1361

Fax: (07) 4742 0144

Email: info@cloncurry.qld.gov.au

Address: Flinders Hwy, Cloncurry QLD, 4824

Website: http://www.cloncurry.qld.gov.au/visitor-information-centre



Cunnamulla Fella Centre | Cunnamulla

The Cunnamulla Visitor Information Centre is located at Centenary Park on Jane Street. The town is well known for the famous character – the Cunnamulla Fella, brought to life by Stan Coster lyrics and later immortalized in song by the late Slim Dusty.


Phone: (07) 4655 8470

Fax: (07) 4655 1120
Email: cunnamullainfo@paroo.qld.gov.au

Address: Centenary Park, Jane Street Cunnamulla QLD, 4490

Website: http://www.paroo.info/




Flinders Discovery Centre | Hughenden

The Flinders Discovery Centre is located on Gray Street in Hughenden and is proud to be surrounded by the communities of Prairie, Torrens Creek and Stamford. As one of three towns associating the dinosaur trail, you’ll encounter our mate “Hughie”, the seven metre-tall Muttaburrasaurus, as well as an impressive dinosaur fossil collection!


Phone:  (07) 4741 2970

Fax: (07) 4741 1029

Email: info@flinders.qld.gov.au

Address: 37 Gray Street, Hughenden 4821 QLD

Website: http://www.visithughenden.com.au/



Injune Visitor Information Centre | Injune

Located on the main highway through town, the Injune Visitor Information Centre is one of Injune’s newer icons, complete with a coffee shop and spacious park areas. Discuss your travel plans with the friendly volunteers who can help you book your next Outback adventure.


Phone: (07) 4626 0503

Email: tourism@maranoa.qld.gov.au

Address: 32 Hutton Street, Injune QLD,  4454

Website: http://www.mymaranoa.org.au/


2016, Injune Information Centre, at a distance 5 MB-min-min


Julia Creek Visitor Information Centre | Julia Creek

Have you ever met a dunnart? Come and check out the dunnarts at the Julia Creek Visitor Information Centre – so you can say “Been there, dunnart!” No to mention these furry friendly creatures are fed daily at 10am and 3pm during peak tourist season (April to September) and on weekdays from October to March. This visitor information centre is a multi-award winning visitor information centre and tourist attraction in Julia Creek.


Phone: (07) 4746 7690

Fax: (07) 4746 7005

Email: tourism@mckinlay.qld.gov.au

Address: 34 Burke Street, Julia Creek QLD, 4823

Website: http://www.atthecreek.com.au/



Kronosaurus Korner Visitor Information Centre | Richmond

Kronosaurus Korner is Australia’s premier marine fossil museum and Visitor Information Centre. It showcases nearly 1,150 unique fossil specimens from Richmond such as 100-115 million year old remains of extinct marine reptiles, fishes, ammonites and more! The centre is staffed by skilled and knowledgeable locals that can provide advice on what to book, where to eat and the best road to take!


Phone: (07) 47 413 429

Email enquiries@kronosauruskorner.com.au

Address: 91-93 Goldring Street, Richmond QLD, 4822

Website: http://www.kronosauruskorner.com.au/


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Longreach Visitor Information Centre | Longreach

If you have ever contemplated an outback experience, now is the time to gather your friends and family and head to the heart of it all, the ‘Longreach Region’. The Visitor Information Centre has alot to offer, including information on the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, QANTAS museum, Thomson river cruises, station visits and scenic flights. With so many things to do in the Longreach region why not book a tour or wander at your own pace?


Phone: (07) 4658 4150

Fax: (07) 4658 4116

Email: visitinfo@longreach.qld.gov.au

Address:  Qantas Park (Eagle Street), Longreach QLD, 4730

Website: http://longreachtourism.com.au/




Min Min Encounter and Boulia Information Centre | Boulia

The Min Min Encounter and Boulia Visitor Information Centre is located on Herbert Street in Boulia. This accredited visitor information centre offers a one stop shop for travel information including maps, brochures, and itineraries. It is housed to a range of souvenirs, gifts and a theatrical 45 minute show dedicated to the story of the Min Min Light!


Phone: (07) 4746 3386

Fax: (07) 4746 3387

Email: tourism@boulia.qld.gov.au

Address:  Herbert Street, Boulia QLD, 4829

Website: http://www.boulia.qld.gov.au/min-min-encounter-tourist-centre



Outback at Isa (MIETV) | Mount Isa

The Outback at Isa Visitor Information Centre is located at 19 Marian Street and is one stop shop for a large range of travel information including maps, brochures and itineraries. There are a number of terrific experiences that can be enjoyed directly within and outside the centre including the Hard Times Mine Tour, Isa Experience Museum, Riversleigh Fossil Centre and more. Not to mention the Outback internet cafe offers a range of fresh and homemade food such as fish & chips, quiche, salad and homemade scones.


Phone:  (07) 4749 1555

Fax: (07) 4743 6296

Address: 19 Marian Street, Mount Isa QLD, 4825

Website: http://www.mietv.com.au/




Quilpie Visitor Information Centre, Museum and Gallery | Quilpie

When arriving in Quilpie, ensure your first stop is at the Visitor Information Centre, Museum and Gallery. Located in the main street of town, the centre showcases everything you need to know about the region; offering access to free wifi, air conditioned comfort and great local advice. The Quilpie Shire is steeped in history and the presence of many third-generation pioneers brings an added dimension to the old stories. There’s community life to explore in Quilpie, Eromanga, Toompine, Cheepie and Adavale!


Phone: (07) 4656 0540

Email: tourism@quilpie.qld.gov.au

Address: 51 Brolga Street, Quilpie QLD,  4480

Website: http://visitquilpieshire.com/



Roma Big Rig Visitor Information Centre | Roma

The Roma Big Rig Visitor Information Centre located on Riggers Roads is your first #OutbackQueensland stop along the Warrego Way. Catering for all ages, The Big Rig not only provides tourist information, but takes visitors on an absorbing historical journey through the oil and gas industry! If you’re staying in town overnight, head to the centre’s Night Show after enjoying a cuppa and meal with your mates.


Driving Past Roma Big Rig-min


Phone: (07) 46 228 676

Email: tourism@maranoa.qld.gov.au

Address: 2 Riggers Road, Roma QLD, 4455

Website: http://www.mymaranoa.org.au/


Rural Hinterland Information & Visitor Centre | Biloela

The Rural Hinterland Visitor Information Centre is located at the Queensland Heritage Park Complex on Exhibition Adventure. The centre offers a one stop shop for visitors adventuring through the Banana Shire and inland to the Outback Queensland region. Stocking an expansive collection of maps, brochures and itineraries, the skills and knowledgeable locals will guarantee the best advice to enjoy the “Simple pleasures” of the Sandstone Wonders Region.


Phone: (07) 4992 2400

Email: rhvic@bigpond.com

Address: 11 Exhibition Avenue, Biloela QLD, 4715

Website: http://sandstonewonders.com/



Windorah Visitor Information Centre | Windorah

The Windorah Visitor Information Centre is located on Maryborough Street in Windorah. When greeting the locals of the centre, don’t forget to grab a free tea and coffee, access to the free wifi, information on road conditions, souvenirs and local art and craft. Windorah is also home to a Solar Power Farm that is worth the stop at the viewing bay. You’ll learn how power is generated from the sun that also supplies Windorah with most of its energy requirements.


Phone: (07) 4656 3063

Fax: (07) 4656 3137

Email: windorahinfo@barcoo.qld.gov.au

Address: Maryborough Street, Windorah QLD 4481

Website: http://www.barcoo.qld.gov.au/visit-barcoo



Winton Visitor Information Centre | Winton

The Winton Visitor Information Centre is located temporarily at the Gift and Gem Centre in Elderslie Street close to the famous North Gregory Hotel. Let the friendly staff introduce you to the wonderful town and surrounding areas of Winton, whilst you discover why this shire is the dinosaur and hollywood capital of Queensland.


Phone: 1300 665 115

Fax: (07) 4657 1886

Email: vic@winton.qld.gov.au

Address:  50 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD, 4735

Website: http://www.experiencewinton.com.au/


Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre | Birdsville

The Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre is located in Burt Street and is a traveller’s first point of call when entering Birdsville. The award winning centre prides itself on promoting Australia’s ‘must see’ town and offers relevant tourist information with a friendly Outback yarn. Best of all, the Centre is all within walking distance to the famous Birdsville Hotel, Birdsville Bakery, Roadhouse, general store, post office and friendly Caravan park.


Phone: (07) 4656 3300

Email: info@diamantina.qld.gov.au

Address: 29 Burt Street, Birdsville QLD 4482

Website: http://www.thediamantina.com.au/





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