Bulloo River Walk

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Location: Diamantina Developmental Road, Quilpie, QLD

About Bulloo River Walk

A stroll along Quilpie’s Bulloo River Walk is a tranquil way to appreciate the native flora and fauna of the Bulloo River Catchment, Warrego Way and the Natural Sciences Loop.

Signs, bearing information about the plant species, are located along the walk. The Bulloo River is an ideal spot to relax under a shady tree and birdwatch whilst the natural sounds of the bush. Keen birdwatchers are encouraged to identify as many bird species as they can.

The Bulloo River is an ideal place to cast a fishing line and catch a Yellowbelly (Golden perch) or throw in a yabby pot and snare some delicious Yabbies (fresh water crayfish). You could have yourself one of the freshest feeds the Outback has to offer.