Hydro Power Plant

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Location: Bundeena Road, Thargomindah, QLD

About Hydro Power Plant

In 1891 drilling commenced on a bore to supply Thargomindah with water and in 1893 an exceptionally good supply was struck at 808 meters (2650 feet) with the water at 84 degrees Celsius.

The bore was the source of energy for Australia’s first hydroelectric scheme to produce street lighting when in 1893 Thargomindah’s streets were lit by means of a generator coupled to a water turbine driven by the bore’s natural water pressure.

They are third in the world to Paris and London to have street lighting generated by Hydro Power! Thargomindah was the first town to have reticulated Artesian Bore water

For visitors to Thargomindah, a working display is provided at 8.30 am each day (April to September).