About Prairie

Population: 50

Location: Flinders Region


Prairie is a town surrounded by beautiful rolling plains of Flinders grass, east of Hughenden. In the 1870s it was a main horse change centre for Cobb & Co. coaches.

The Prairie Hotel is a must see with its unique atmosphere, collection of stockman’s hats and other historical memorabilia. Hear the story of the wandering ringer; this ghostly prowler comes from a story first told around the 1930s.

Kooroorinya falls


Prairie Hotel

Things To Do

  • The Prairie Hotel
  • Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve
  • 35’ Comet windmill
  • Flinders River Byway 4WD Tourist Drive (not a loop road)

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Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve

Kooroorinya Falls is a natural waterhole surrounded by high rock walls on one side and sandy, shaded banks on the other. Visitors can go swimming, fishing, birdwatching or just take a walk. There is a creek with plenty of water and spectacular falls during the wetter months. It

What To Do

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