About Boulia

Population: 440

Location: Boulia Shire


There are a lot of bush yarns and legends in this Outback country, but the people of Boulia reckon the pick of the bunch are the ones about the mysterious Queensland icon, the Min Min Light.

Capital of the Channel Country and Land of the Min Min Light, where history and mystery abound. Mysterious eerie balls of unexplained light that follow the traveller, rare birds and trees, prehistoric dinosaurs of the deep, centuries old buildings are all to be found in this remote part of Western Queensland.

To preserve the history and myths surrounding the Min Min Light, the Boulia Shire Council created the Min Min Encounter Centre. Be part of a 45-minute show introducing you to characters like Gunna and Bluey who have seen the light. Join Trish McGreil and her husband Ian on the porch of their station house and hear their stories about the lights and the possible explanations. But remember this – you don’t go looking for the Min Min, the Min Min goes looking for you!

More than a hundred million years ago Boulia lay on the western edge of a vast inland sea while Hughenden and Richmond were close to the eastern shore. 110 million years ago this area was in an inland sea named the Eromanga Sea. Marine reptiles such as the longnecked Plesiosaur (looking very much like the Loch Ness monster), the Kronosaurus and the Icthyosaur were to be found in this inland sea. The Marine Reptile Fossil Display has a wonderful collection of fossils that are world class.

The Stonehouse also boasts an array of historical artifacts from early settlers, including machinery, saddlery and hospital instruments.

Boulia is the gateway to the Diamantina National Park, home to abundant bird life including the rain bird, blackfaced cuckoo, lorikeets, brolgas and plain turkey/bustards.


Min Min Encounter & Visitor Information Centre

The Min Min Encounter is a unique theatrical experience incorporating animatronics, fibre optics and loads of other high tech wizardry. The encounter is a tribute to the long honoured art of the bush yarn, all based around the famed Min Min Light phenomenon. At the Min Min encounter

Boulia Sports and Aquatic Centre

Even when travelling through Queensland’s Outback, a state of the art sports and aquatic centre is only as far away as the sign to Boulia. The recently constructed four million dollar Boulia Sports and Aquatic Centre is proving to be an oasis for visitors wanting to dip in

Boulia Heritage Complex

The Boulia Heritage Complex showcases Boulia’s three distinct phases of history that takes visitors on a journey back through time. Prehistoric Predators of the Deep: Although the town at only 139 years old is young, the prehistoric denizens of the deep such as the Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur were

Boulia Marine Reptile Fossil Display

Boulia has an unique collection of fossils from the Cretaceous Era when Boulia was part of the inland Eromanga Sea. The fossils are the real thing and some show explicit detail such as teeth. Many Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs have been found in Boulia as well as a unique

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