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Population: 1,500

Garden City of the West.

Barcaldine has an interesting and famous history.  The name Barcaldine originates from the Oban region in Scotland and is pronounced bar-call-din.

Barcaldine is home to the Tree of Knowledge, the reputed birth place of the labour movement in Australia.  The Tree grew outside the Railway Station for about 180 years until 2006 when sadly, it was poisoned by an unknown culprit.  The famous tree has been preserved and placed under an award winning structure that gives the illusion of a canopy over the Tree.  The best view of the Tree and the memorial is at night when it is beautifully lit by special lighting.  A visit at night will be a highlight of your trip.

Barcaldine is a great place to spend a few days experiencing, exploring and relaxing. Its rich history is on full display at the Barcaldine and District Historical Museum and the Australian Worker’s Heritage Centre.  The main street reflects the love of arts and culture by community members with murals, musical instruments, beautiful gardens and the windmill.

Take a stroll along Lagoon Creek or the Botanical Walk and be mesmerised by the native fauna and flora.

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Tree Of Knowledge Memorial

The historic Tree of Knowledge is famous for being the birthplace of the Australian Labour movement. The tree was poisoned in 2006, preserved and placed under an award-winning timber structure. It is now a place of inspiration, reflection and celebration. It is beautifully lit with lighting during the

Radio Picture Theatre

The Radio Picture Theatre is a classic Art Nouveau movie theatre, with the original canvas seating and painted screen facade. The Barcaldine Radio Theatre shows new movies every weekend. Most Friday and Sunday nights from the end of January to mid-December. Depending on the movie, an additional Saturday

Lloyd Jones Weir

Lloyd-Jones Weir is situated 14 kilometres south west of Barcaldine. It is a recreation and fishing area. It’s open daily, all year round and is a great place to enjoy the surrounds of Barcaldine. Throw a line in and try to catch yellowbelly or a red claw! It’s

Lagoon Creek

Lagoon Creek on the outskirts of Barcaldine is a popular walking and birdwatching area. There are two kilometres of walking tracks which wind along the creek. You can see wildlife watering along the Lagoon Creek in the early morning or at dusk. Dogs are permitted but must be

Australian Workers Heritage Centre

Discover at your own pace the Australian Workers Heritage Centre – a place of reflection, within this museum styled complex, visitors can journey through exhibition space which celebrates the extraordinary legacy of working Australians telling a vitally important part of our nation’s history through its working life via

Barcaldine Masonic Lodge

Located in Beech Street, the Masonic Lodge is a national heritage listed building which houses a working Masonic temple. The building is constructed of tin and timber but has a painted facade which makes it look like brick. Tour the lodge with a Mason are available on request

Barcaldine Musical Instruments

If you are musically inclined you might like to try playing the Thong-A-Phone and Marimba which are located in Oak Street. These large musical instruments were constructed as part of a public works programme; they are art pieces and visitors are more than welcome to try their hand

Barcaldine Windmill

Located in Oak Street, the Windmill is a symbol of the importance of Artesian Water plays to Outback Queensland. Constructed by Sidney Williams and Company in 1917, the Mill stood on the sight of the first flowing bore in Queensland. It can pump in wind speeds as low

Between the Bougainvilleas Heritage Trail

Between the Bougainvilleas is an award winning heritage trail, which showcases some of Barcaldine’s varied and colourful history. Maroon signs featuring a windmill logo have been placed at significant historical sites around Barcaldine. Each sign provides a brief history of its site and a photograph of what was

Barcaldine and District Historical Museum

Barcaldine and District Museum showcases the history and heritage of the Barcaldine District. Housed in the historic old National Bank Building. There are displays containing artefacts from the pioneering days of the bush. These displays include household items, machinery, photographs and paintings. Some of the most unusual items

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Meanwhile in Barcaldine | #outbackqueensland

Instagram post 17942417720028614 The @australianworkersheritage Centre is the only national attraction dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary legacy of working Australians and plays a key role in defining our national character.

Spread across over two hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding a tranquil billabong, the Australian Workers Heritage Centre presents a rich tapestry of exhibits capturing the spirit our nation's workers.

The main entrance to the Centre is now located at 127 Oak Street, Barcaldine and is open 7 days. Monday to Saturday - 8.30am to 4.00pm and Sundays - 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Wonderful news for the Centre with the recent announcement from @annastaciamp @stirlinghinchliffe @qldgov 2022-23 budget will invest $1.3 million to assist with exhibition upgrades, operational and maintenance costs. 

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Instagram post 17901924152516096 Look at this!

The Barcaldine Rec Park is a 1.1km long lake built in compliance with International and Australian water skiing standards and designed for a wide range of water sports. 

With an opportunity for wide-ranging activities like water skiing, rowing, fishing (it will be stocked with fish for competition and recreation events), sailing, dragon boat racing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, triathlons, open water swimming, canoeing and kayaking, it will definitely become the place 'to be' for water based events in Outback Queensland.

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Instagram post 18193104868166468 The historic Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine is famous for being the birthplace of the Australian Labor movement.

The tree was illegally poisoned in 2006, preserved and placed under an award winning timber structure.

This heritage-listed tree is comprised of 4913 different timbers and is not just a ghost gum but a sculpture that could be described as Australia’s largest wind chime.

It is now a place of inspiration, reflection and celebration. It is beautifully lit with lighting during the night giving the illusion that the tree is still living. There are also interpretive panels and a sculpture which celebrate the leaders of the Shearer’s Strike and the history of the Labor movement.

Tip - when you visit, don’t forget to look down!

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